Investor Relations

GCS Key initiatives


In line with the AIMS-PROGRESS project launched in 2010 by Major Global Brands (including a number of our Customers), our Plants are geared up to complete and maintain the responsible supply chain self-assessment questionnaire on Social Responsibility, Environment, Health and Safety and Labour Policy. Customers can seek access to this information through the program administered by SEDEX.

  • Beverage closure weights reduced over past 10-12 years including: customised CSD closures reduced by 50% ; improved 30/25 water cap reduced by 34% and Vega 38mm soft drink reduced by 7%.
  • Innovative, new outer seal design that significantly improves the sealing performance of 1 piece CSD caps on any PET bottle quality, thus reducing waste.
  • Two piece Cap Pharma closure developed to replace 3 piece cap and reduce overall weight from 3.5g to 2.6g.
  • SYNERGY light-weight tube closure introduced which is 1.5g lighter than former standard closures.
  • Development of a new standard hinge closure with a super flat lid.
  • Materials with Renewable Resources: Discussions have taken place with potential suppliers regarding opportunities for supply of Green HDPE, where chemical structure is same as current HDPE.
  • Full electric moulding M/Cs v Hybrid and Hydraulic M/Cs.
  • Insulation of machines and barrels etc.
  • High efficiency motors.
  • Systems for energy/power management.
  • Energy as Key Performance Indicator for all sites. KWh per kilo of transformed resin.
  • Energy sourcing.
  • Energy generation projects investigating opportunities to use, bio-mass, renewable energy source on individual sites. Community based projects.
Reduce => Re-use => Recycle
  • Reduce waste: a key performance indicator for all sites.
  • Recycle waste: either by third party recycling or, where regulations permit, in house. Work has been done to improve site by site recycling with the aim of reaching zero landfill waste. This will be included in new internal Scorecard.
  • Recycled closures: we have investigated possible opportunities to make and sell products (not necessarily closures) made from recyclate.
  • Community projects: local to individual sites for cap collection and recycling. Exercise with local schools running in France.
  • Post Consumer Recyclate (PCR): so far we have found most Customers to be interested in increasing the PCR content of their products.
  • Bulk packaging options are used at many sites with specific systems for major customers. (e.g. Italy Personal Care market; UK Coffee market).
  • Removing poly-bags where possible and where regulations allow.
  • Investment in resin silos to reduce consumption of bagged material.
  • Multi-trip packaging and collapsible pallet containers.
  • Carton size specification to fully utilise all available transport space (example of plastic bin for UK customers fully optimising load space).
  • Layer packing for specific projects.
  • Local production where possible, enabled by GCS global presence.
  • Carbon Footprint Measurement of production plants completed in UK and France. New Closures can now be quoted with Carbon Footprint in these areas.
  • Methodologies evaluated and expectations differ in different countries. (Ademe, Carbon Trust). We are closely monitoring developments and developing our own sustainability scorecard.
  • Component Specific Carbon Footprints can be completed for existing products and offered for all new projects.
  • Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP): GCS has made submissions for last 4 years.
  • Carbon Footprint and LCA: Carbon footprint as a tool to establish and measure key areas, and full Life Cycle Analysis must also be considered.