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Wine & Spirits

  • Wine & Spirits Closures
    • Security Closures
      • NR480NR480

        High-level roll-on security closure with excellent anti-refill properties. Available in 30 mm diameter and 35, 44, 50 and 60 mm lengths.


        Leading high level security closure, with high tamper-evidence (irreversible opening event) and excellent anti-refill. It is a snap on closure, available in a 33 x 47 mm size. A modular design enables greater flexibility, which includes an open pour version and the ability to add a further design feature with a plastic over-cap.

      • TIVA┬«TIVA┬«

        In-bore Medium level security product, which has proved a great success in emerging markets with clear tamper-evidence and anti refill protection. Available in a 30mm diameter with various lengths (22, 35, 44, 50 and 60 mm).

    • PourersPourers

      To complement its NR fitments UCP also manufactures a standard pilfer proof plastic pourer fitment suitable for use on large bottles to help to regulate product flow. The Abbey pourer is a recent innovation providing greatly enhanced fit to the bottle and consistent flow rates.

    • Roll On Pilfer Proof (ROPP) Standard Range Roll On Pilfer Proof (ROPP) Standard Range

      GCS offers an industry leading comprehensive range of ROPP aluminium closures in a wide variety of diameters and lengths from miniature sizes right up to closures for large bottle sizes. Options include flat litho printing, high gloss side or rotary print, embossing and side shaving to create a highly personalised effect and to maximise brand identity. To maintain brand integrity, UCP can also offer a selection of non-refillable fitments to incorporate within an aluminium ROPP shell.

  • Wine And Spirits Containers
    • PET Bottles

      GCS manufactures PET bottles for the wine and spirits industry in a range of sizes from 2cl to 1.75 litre. Our standard spirits range includes traditional flask, round and square miniatures, flask containers in 200ml, 350ml, 375ml, 500ml sizes, and one litre traditional spirit bottles. We manufacture bottles in clear, green or brown PET, or we can produce bottles in a wide range of other colours and design effects. GCS manufactures wine bottles in 100ml and 187ml sizes, and a one litre wine bottle in two different styles. Our standard bottles are produced in clear, green or brown PET to match traditional glass containers, or can be manufactured in other colours. An extensive range of existing preforms are available from which to create your own PET bottle.