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GCS delivers world leading packaging solutions for the Wine & Spirits industry, offering a comprehensive range of closures - more than 100 standard references - from standard ROPP to customised brand protection security devices that add real value to your product. Whether it’s a traditional spirits brand or the latest designer drink, we will help you stand out from the crowd.


For over 70 years, GCS has served the wine and spirits market from its location within Scotland’s central belt, close to a number of the world’s leading spirit producers.

From early lead capsules through aluminium rolled-on pilfer proof closures and on into plastics and sophisticated security closures, GCS has decades of experience. We take the best available materials, technologies and developments and apply them to provide the advances and advantages demanded by our customers. We supply a full range of metal and plastic closures from simple screw caps to high security tamper-evident fitments advanced anti-counterfeiting technologies - such as Roll On Pilfer Proof (ROPP) aluminium closures and plastic Non Refillable Pilfer Proof (NRPP) fitments - which are designed and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards.

In addition to this we also supply a range of lightweight, unbreakable, space-saving PET bottles. This range is constantly being expanded to take account of special shapes and design features needed to differentiate our customers’ products in increasingly competitive market places.




GCS supplies packaging products to customers all over the world, from local producers to multinationals. One of the keys to our success is our approach to innovation. We have a dedicated new product development team based at our Bridge of Allan offices, with years of experience specifically in the wine and spirits market. 

The team’s experience of working with metals and plastics has led to many successful innovations, which are progressed from concept stage to final production often in partnership with customers.


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