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Zeller Plastik USA & Henry Pak Work Together

Zeller Plastik USA & Henry Pak Work Together to produce a custom oval package

The relationship between Henry Pak and Zeller Plastik goes back many years.  Henry Pak, founded in 1982, is dedicated to personalized, customer-focused service. Henry Pak also recognizes the importance of a good supplier partner which aides in providing quality and cost effective packaging. When they decided to expand their portfolio of packaging to include a customer-specific cap, they turned to Zeller.

Working together on the new design, Zeller has created a unique dispensing cap which highlights the ergonomic qualities of the bottle.

Robyn Miller, Account Manager to Henry Pak, said “Having a good distributor relationship is vital towards growing and maintaining our customer base".

Our relationship has evolved over the years, and sales of Zeller’s stock flip top closures have grown to include multiple sizes of stock closures in addition to the custom closure.

For additional details on Zeller’s portfolio of closures, please contact: Robyn Miller at Zeller Plastik USA Inc., on 847-247-7940.

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