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Zeller Dispensing For Vosene Relaunch

Lornamead UK Ltd has adopted a new Zeller Plastik standard personal care hingedispensing closure to re-launch its heritage Vosene brand shampoo and conditioner range, which includes new variants and fresh new fragrances.

Supplied from the Zeller Plastik business in Spain through Zeller Plastik in Norwich, the ‘Rubi’ gloss polypropylene snap hinge closure in green and purple complements the distinctive new bespoke tottlefrom RPC used to reinvigorate the trusted Vosene brand and increase its profile with an extended range of ten hair care products, including medicated and non-medicated variants. Availability of Rubi as a standard closure was decisive as it balanced Lornamead’s development costs as well as providing the required functionality; its large oval footprint gives stability to the headstand tottle and an excellent seal to the container is ensured by the quality of manufacture. Leslie Berenc, European Purchasing Manager for Lornamead adds, “During the pack development stage Zeller proved to be very flexible and proactive, even when Lornamead brought the launch date forward by one month and were one of the key players leading to a successful launch.”

Zeller Plastik offers the same cap design with a bi-colour facility to provide acontrasting flip-top and base making this premium capping option available to a wider market.

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