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New Standard Valve Closure

New standard valve dispensing cap from Zeller Plastik UK for the personal care market

19/07/2006 - Zeller Plastik UK has developed a new standard oval valve dispensing closure for the personal care market.

The closure utilizes the standard valve sub-assembly developed by UCP for a number of market leading personal care, food and beverage products during 2005. The centre-opening lid acts as a seal whilst the pack is in transit but when used in the shower, it snaps into a recess in the back of the closure for optimum consumer convenience. Robert McBride Group is the first customer to use the new closure on the Tesco Mind & Body shower gel range, the closures colour co-coordinated with the product variants in translucent red, purple and cream.

The closure is available initially with a gloss finish from Zeller Plastik in a wide range of standard colours and suits a number of standard bottles available on the market including the ‘Vogue’ range produced by M & H Plastics.

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