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New Flip-Top Caps For Amenities

US Technology: Zeller Plastik adds convenience and functionality to amenities: samples and travel-size products with new flip-top dispensing closures

01/09/2006 - Products packaged in small bottles and tubes for use as hotel amenities, product samples or travel sizes can now also feature a handy, trouble-free flip-top dispensing closure thanks to two new products from Zeller Plastik USA

Zeller’s new 15-415 Smoothwall Flip-Top bottle closure is ideal for miniature bottles of shampoo, lotion, hand sanitizer and other personal care products. Since the closure no longer has to be removed to dispense product, this development provides a tremendous benefit to hotels by virtually eliminating clogged drains caused by lost caps, a common maintenance expense.  In addition, the top of the closure can be embossed with a company or hotel logo for added brand support.

For small tubes serving these same applications, Zeller’s 1-inch M8 Flip-Top tube closure provides the same dispensing convenience.  Perfect for hand creams, toothpaste, makeup, and other products, the 1-inch M8 Flip-Top tube closure features a profile as short as nondispensing closures, providing heightened functionality without a corresponding increase in size.

“For decades, Zeller has provided superior dispensing closures for the world’s most trusted consumer products,” notes Nancy Kane, Marketing Coordinator, Zeller Plastik USA.  “It is with great pride that we are now offering the same calibre of product in smaller sizes to accommodate this very important market.”

The 15-415 Smoothwall Flip-Top bottle closure comes in orifice sizes of .125-inch and .250-inch.  The M8 Flip Top tube closure is 1-inch in diameter with an .187-inch orifice.  Both feature a crab’s claw seal and can be produced in any color to meet design requirements.

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