Investor Relations


March 16,2016

Global Closure Systems (GCS) breathes the best of beauty into added value Disc Top Closure and serves leading personal care brands. 



With more than 950 standard references for personal care applications and as a key supplier of custom solutions for leading FMCG companies in the world, GCS has built its expertise upon its market driven focus and best in class manufacturing.


More, GCS brings its global know-how into local excellence, enabling each of its factories to industrialise projects efficiently with high quality standards and ensuring cutting edge technologies are available to our customers around the world.


After the success of a leading men's shower gel re-launch in Europe in 2011, GCS also employs a novel moulding technology in its Chinese factory to produce a custom disc top closure, ideal for hair care and skin care applications.


Manufactured in GCS’ plant in Shanghai, the 2-piece disc top closure is produced using in-mould assembly technology that enables 2 parts to be assembled in a single mould. Thus, the overall manufacturing process complexity is reduced: with one single machine, each cycle produces a finished part, in a higher quality.


The custom disc top closure has been designed to satisfy leading personal care brands in Asia. Easy to open and close, thanks to its one-hand dispensing, its rounded shape and glossy finish also create an elegant appearance and eye-catching appeal, ensuring on-shelf differentiation.


During the last decade, GCS has strengthened its position as a key player in China with a leading role in the Personal Care and Household markets, using state-of-the-art technologies, as well as enhanced production capabilities and efficiency.



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