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Clearasil re-launch

Zeller Plastik a key partner for Clearasil re-launch (Paris, France - 03/02/2006)


Zeller Plastik U.K. has added tri-material technology to the comprehensive range of capabilities at its Norwich plant to develop two new closures for the major worldwide brand re-launch of Clearasil skin care products, aiming to rejuvenate the Clearasil brand and broaden the appeal of the range.  Both closures have a solid white base in polypropylene over-moulded with a translucent top colour utilizing the additional clarity provided by random copolymer tinted polypropylene. For Clearasil cleansing pads, the 70mm jar closure design required a complex new tooling development to allow a thin induction heat seal (IHS) membrane to be fitted and successfully retained prior to filling and capping.  The tool design, thought to be unique in the production of bi-colour bi-material closures, uses rotational moulding technology in combination with collapsible cores to ensure a sharply defined retaining bead is produced to adequately retain the IHS membrane.  A specially designed in-line wadding procedure was required to cater for the angled top surface of the closure.  For Clearasil Face Wash and Lotion a 35mm snap-on flip top dispensing closure has been developed in the same brand image. The concept was produced by the Tin Horse design agency to ensure a family look with each of the five top colours clearly identifying the product variants.  Chris Penfold, Project Leader for Boots Healthcare International (BHI) commented, "This is a fantastic achievement for all concerned pushing back the boundaries of technical ability and excellence.  It has been a very demanding project, where Zeller Plastik, the toolmakers KTW and BHI have all worked as a unit, to tight deadlines to make it happen".  From February 2006 Clearasil will be owned by Reckitt Benckiser which has acquired BHI, previously part of the Boots Group.

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