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Beiersdorf partners with GCS for Nivea breakthrough product

Beiersdorf has selected Global Closure Systems for the global launch of its Nivea new generation of Body Moisturiser


July 15, 2013 – Following very successful market tests conducted in selected European countries in 2012, Beiersdorf has recently announced the global launch of its new concept of body moisturiser.


At the very early design stage Global Closure Systems has been awarded global lead developer and sole supplier of closures for Nivea’s new In-shower Body Moisturiser. The key criteria in Beiersdorf’s choice were GCS design capability, short lead time and technical performance, along with GCS expertise in producing the moulds in-house at Zeller Engineering in Germany. In addition, the bi-injected closures are produced by Global Closure Systems in its Obrist plant near Madrid, only 50 km away from Beiersdorf's production site dedicated to skin care products. 


Nivea body moisturiser has been developed to be applied in the shower after the usual use of a shower wash product, and then rinsed off. The key benefit is that consumers do not need to apply a moisturiser after the shower anymore; this product allows them to save time.


The bottle comes in different sizes from 200 ml to 600 ml depending on the country. The packaging has been designed to be ready and convenient to use thanks to its headstand cap and its high quality Zeller Plastik hinge which opens at 180°. Beiersdorf also required a bi-injected hinge closure perfectly fitting with the bottle to provide a monoblock look. Moreover this new pack ideally reflects Beiersdorf's new brand strategy and serves Nivea brand recognition. 


Global Closure Systems, which is one of Beiersdorf’s key suppliers in Spain, has invested to prepare its plant for this massive launch and will continue to enhance its facilities in order to cope with the increasing global demand. Indeed the brand new In-shower Body Moisturiser is today exported worldwide, to European, Asian and American markets.


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