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extensive range of over 950 standard references. Its expertise in this key market has been built upon long leveraging technological know how with a keen sense of market trends.


The first to launch a hinge closure worldwide in 1971, GCS offers a wide range of mono or bi-injection dispensing closures, CRCS and screw closures for various personal care applications. GCS is the European leader for manufacturing dispensing closures with its custom and standard designed Zelsnap® and Zeldisk. When you aim for the highest performance, you certainly need to look at our non-drip silicone valve technology, Zelvalve®, which delivers substantial consumer convenience.

Besides its wide range of closures, GCS also manufactures deodorant sticks, deodorant and skin care roll-ons as well as jars for skin care and hair care applications. In addition GCS offers a wide range of tube closures and a dedicated standard range of toothpaste closures.


Speed to market

GCS’ broad range of standard closures - in all shapes, colours and bottle neck finishes - enables quick product launches without investments. GCS is also one of the world leading suppliers of custom designed closures to the FMCG market. We can assist you with the whole process of creating a new specific closure for your next product launch: designing the closure, prototype tooling for market research, product approval and building the moulds in-house or working with external suppliers to start production in a swift and seamless way.

Speed to market is essential and we can help you to achieve this challenge through our extended know how and our technical competencies.




Aesthetics, form and function are the key attributes GCS considers when innovating new concepts. In the personal care market the product packaging has real selling power, closure systems are now an integral part of using and applying the product. These innovative dispensing systems enhance the consumer experience.

Although this area is still our top priority, the cost of goods is also becoming more important. GCS does not sacrifice consumer convenience, hygiene or customer brand identity as we continue to innovate new closure systems that also meet lower cost demands.





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