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Innovative Zeller Valve Closure Helps Sara Lee Produce New Shoe Care Packaging

01/03/2006 - Sara Lee, a leading household & consumer packaging company worldwide, looked to Zeller Plastik Philippines for assistance when developing its gel-like shampoo & conditioner cleaning concept for sport shoes.

Zeller was able to supply Sara Lee with a unique integrated valve closure with brush bristle detail along with a cover, sponge, and plastic bottle.

"GCS was able to offer Sara Lee a fully integrated package that is unique in the Philippine market," says Henry Bungabong, Zeller Plastik Philippines. "As a global company we were able to work in partnership with Sara Lee to create a package that could be produced and filled in Asia for export around the world. This fully integrated approach ensured quality and consistency for Sara Lee, and also offered Sara Lee's customer a very convenient easy-to-use package.”

The Sara Lee project required precise injection moulding of the brush/bristles & cover parts. These pieces were then assembled together with the Zelvalve and its retaining ring by the Zeller Plastik Philippines plant. The sponge element was added during the filling process at the customer's site in the Philippines.

Sara Lee exports and sells the product into markets in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

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