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How frustrating is it not to be able to pour the liquid from a large container cleanly and directly where you want it?

Astra Plastique, the French speciality closures arm of Global Closure Systems has the answer – an innovative anti-glug dispensing closure called Jeroboam.

No more funnels, no more struggling with bulky containers to pour liquid into places which are awkward to reach; Jeroboam’s inbuilt controlled dispensing system provides an excellent solution.

Jeroboam is a two-part closure available as in a 42mm neck finish. The base component has a ratchet tamper evident ring to secure it to the container neck. Assembled into the base is the ‘engine’ of the dispensing system, which has a hinged flip-top, secured with a tamper evident tear strip.

What makes Jeroboam so effective is the flow regulator integrated into the pouring spout, which allows a constant, clean flow by funnelling air into the container above the liquid to eliminate glugging and to guard against splashing.

The dispensing unit or pourer can be adjusted for ease and convenience of use in restricted spaces like the engine compartment of a car.

For added safety the flip-top opens and closes with an audible click and has a patented locking capability with a quarter turn clockwise for secure storage and transportation.

Already finding its place in the home, garden and automotive sundries markets Jeroboam is an excellent standard dispensing solution, which can be tailored to suit your product by choosing different colours for the base and pourer components. We would also be pleased to discuss and explore any opportunities you may have to customise the closure to your own requirements.

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