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Global closure systems leads the way with unilever launch

October 25, 2013– Global Closure Systems has been awarded with the lead development partnership for Unilever’s latest ‘Small & Mighty’ super-concentrated liquid detergent for its Persil and Skip brands. In July 2013, this new and improved super concentrate mix and new-look packaging was launched by Unilever in the UK and Ireland.

Global Closure Systems is the sole supplier of the two key elements of the new premium packaging: the three-piece bicolor dispensing closure and the stain eraser ball.

The closures and stain eraser balls are produced in Massmould, GCS’ UK plant specialising in mass production. This three-piece closure is manufactured using a highly sophisticated custom manufacturing cell.

The brand new liquid detergent is packaged in a unique multifunctional bottle which features an easy-to-open flip-top lid and spout as well as an innovative built-in stain removal ball.

The stain eraser ball, made from TPE, has molded features designed to assist with cleaning and measuring the dose needed. It can be placed directly in the washing machine thus always remains clean.

‘Small & Mighty’ liquid detergent is available in 4 formats (525ml, 875ml , 1.4l and 2.1l) and in 4 variants -“bio”, “non-bio”, “colour” and “2 in 1” - to suit a large range of consumers’ washing needs.

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