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GCS is leader in the manufacture and supply of child resistant and dispensing systems for the household / industrial markets. Our range of over 450 references showcases a variety of options for household, industrial, DIY and gardening applications, whether you are looking for child resistant, valve dispensing, pourer, doser, applicator, spray or venting.

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Ensuring that users can handle the product easily and safely, and preventing children from being able to open dangerous substance packaging are the leading requirements for these markets. Between them, the divisions offer a comprehensive range of Child Resistant Closures (CRCs) featuring traditional Push-down & Turn and Squeeze “n” Turn systems designs, both standard and custom solutions.

These closures have been developed in accordance with ISO Child resistant with accreditations for a variety of total packs covering glass, plastic and metal containers.

Other delivery systems include all plastic trigger pumps, valve dispensing closures, a global dominance in snap hinge closures, a variety of dosing devices and injection moulded brush applicators.




Cost of goods is a major factor across all our markets but much like beverage, the household market is particularly cost sensitive, that coupled with the aggressive nature of some of the household chemicals has led to innovations in both product design and material selection.

Using techniques and tools like Finite Element Analysis (FEA) we have been able to reduce component weight without compromising the mechanical properties or consumer experience. At the other end of the spectrum we have recently developed a new all plastic trigger pump and valve dispensing systems.


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