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UCP's PP28 Medi-Loc® CRC Blitzes Proposed Elderly Adult Test

In response to draft CEN proposals to launch a general test method to evaluate ease of opening of packaging with elderly people, UCP has taken the initiative to test its PP28mm Medi-Loc® Child Resistant Closure (CRC) in the age range 60 - 80 years old and has achieved a 100% pass rate.


For over 30 years in the UK the test requirements for evaluating child resistance have tested both children and adults and both sections of the test must meet minimum standards to achieve a fully accredited pack. It is generally accepted worldwide that the test method for children, developed in the USA more than 40 years ago, has stood the test of time as a reliable method of evaluating child resistant performance. For adults however, the age range has steadily increased to reflect lifestyle changes and yet the minimum pass rate required in the protocol test has remained unchanged.

  • In 1975 BS 5321 was launched for Pharmaceuticals market and the adult age range, following the US standard of the time, was fixed at 18 - 45 years old with a minimum pass criteria of 90%.
  • In 1987 BS6652 was launched to support the inclusion of designated Household Chemicals and at the same time the age range was increased to 18 - 60.
  • In 1993 the first ISO standard (BSEN 28317) was launched to harmonise all European testing standards and the adult age range was modified to 18 - 65.
  • A radical change to the adult test emerged in 2004 when BSEN8317 was launched with the age range of only 50 – 70 considered under identical pass criteria. This has put considerable pressure on the design and development of child resistant packaging to achieve the new requirement without sacrificing child resistant performance.


UCP developed its PP28mm Medi-Loc® CRC to meet the requirements of the 2004 standard, which was embraced by the OTC Pharmaceutical Industry in October 2005. Louis Meyerowitz, UCP’s Managing Director said: "On learning of the intentions of the CEN committee it was immediately apparent that we needed to understand how our closure system would fare in such a test.  We selected an accredited test house to conduct the research using the protocol for BSEN 8317:2004 adult testing but with adults in the age range 60 - 80 and were delighted to learn that PP28mm Medi-Loc® achieved a 100% pass rate. UCP has always aimed to develop excellent child resistant systems which are also adult friendly - indeed we were the first company to receive the Owl Mark accreditation from the Centre of Gerontology at Birmingham University for a child resistant closure system."

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