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UCP Rises To The Boots Vitamins Pack Challenge

Boots has relaunched its Vitamins range with a Child Resistant Closure (CRC) system developed by United Closures & Plastics which commercialises an unusual design brief and meets the stringent requirements of BSEN 8317:2004 testing standards for child resistant recloseable packaging.

UCP and Boots have a long history of innovative child resistant developments since Boots first launched Clic-Loc onto the pharmaceutical market a year ahead of the first U.K. child resistant regulations in 1975 in partnership with UCP. In 2005 UCP developed the PP28mm Medi-Loc closure for paediatric liquid medicines with Boots as the lead customer. Working together on the Vitamins project was a logical step given the past co-operation between the two companies.

The unusual domed design of this new 38mm polypropylene closure presented a tough challenge as the asymmetrical shape created by the steeply slanted area for labeling compromised the traditional geometry for a Squeeze and Turn closure. The force required to squeeze the closure is now a critical design issue as there is a delicate balance in achieving both excellent child resistance and adult opening performance: the BSEN 8317:2004 standard, when it came into force in October 2005, was made more stringent by narrowing the adult test to the 50 to 70 year age group only, addressing the needs of an older population, commonly with reduced dexterity whereas previously the test requirement was for 18 to 65 years of age.

The domed shape also prevented traditional methods of inserting the Lift ‘n’ Peel induction heat seal liners. A special liner support structure and snap beads were designed inside the dome to overcome this and the lining machine was specifically developed to insert the liner from underneath the closure. CRC opening instructions are embossed on the back of the cap and UCP designed a ribbed area above the CRC pads to assist with the capping of this otherwise smooth closure.

The Boots Vitamins range comprises three pack sizes of 75ml, 120ml and 170ml with the 38mm closure to fit all packs being produced in silver to reflect the premium quality of the products. Boots also requested an easy open closure for non-regulated products, which UCP was able to produce from the same basic mould set.

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