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Unilever’s Dressings Package Redesign

GCS Designs Custom Closure for Unilever’s Dressings Package Redesign

Unilever has invigorated its dressings category with a new package design that features an inverted bottle and oval-shaped, flip-top valved closure. The company worked with GCS and two bottle partners to develop one standardized design, in a wide range of bottle sizes, for the entire product line to strengthen brand recognition, increase consumer convenience and maximize product freshness.

GCS created a unique closure system that is compatible with the inverted bottle design in all bottle sizes, which helps Unilever streamline production for faster speed to market. To meet Unilever’s demand, GCS has dedicated three complete moulding and assembly lines at their facilities in France, Germany and Spain.

An oval-shaped cap was selected by Unilever for brand differentiation. In addition, the flip-top, butterfly-hinged closure is easy to open and is resistant to damage or breakage from repeated use. Featuring a valve sub-assembly system, the closure allows for greater control of the product when dispensing and also ensures the spout remains clean over a long period of time.

“We wanted the new pack to offer a unique experience from other inverted bottles in the marketplace. In addition, we had particular requirements for the new package design -from cap shape to protecting product freshness,” said Lorenzo Zaffaroni, European Supply Manager – Rigid Plastics for Unilever. “GCS was able to deliver a sophisticated and highly effective solution for our needs.”

A tamper-evident, peelable induction heat seal (IHS) liner is sealed onto the bottle to ensure maximum product freshness. GCS designed the cap with technical precision, for easy removal, in order to detach the liner, and to properly align with the bottle when placed back on the pack.

The new package is currently used for the company’s portfolio of dressings—consisting of well-known brands such as Amora, Calvé and Hellmann’s—that are available in European markets.

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