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Nestlé Expands In Mexico Leveraging GCS - ZP Innovation

Nestle is expanding its Flavoured Milks product range in Mexico building on the region's established and growing market for dairy drinks.  This October the company launched new packaging and products utilizing a fresh closure design specially created for Nestle by Zeller Mexico, a GCS company.


These 38 mm caps are used on three separate flavours each with different logos moulded into the design. The caps feature the NESQUIK Rabbit, a CARLOS V king figure, and the CRUNCH logo each giving the brands a distinct shelf profile and greater brand identity with consumers.


A major benefit for Nestle in working with Zeller was its innovative approach to designing the closure.  Not only was the Zeller team able to produce an attractive looking closure; they were able to reduce the weight of the closures by more than 2 grams.


"Nestle wanted to create a high impact packaging for the consumer, but also wanted to create greater efficiencies," said Oscar Cervera, National Sales Manager for Zeller Mexico.  "We were able to reduce material usage and weight through an innovative staggered thread design.  The cap design offers a fully functional open and close feature over many uses while reducing material usage and weight."


Nestle's line of milk based drinks is aimed at expanding the current kid target group to teens being relevant to both.  The 300ml bottles feature an easy to grip 38mm closures.  Nestle is producing these products 2 hours north of Mexico City in the city of Queretaro.


Product production at Zeller was just as cutting-edge as the closure design.  Zeller impressed the Nestle team by beginning project management a week earlier than projected. 


The Nestle and GCS partnership also finds synergies in a global relationship. GCS is able to leverage expertise and innovations from any of its 26 production sites throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas including its Zeller plant in Mexico City.  The company leveraged this global resource in winning and fulfilling this Nestle project.


"We have found that proactive, innovative, quality service and products are a success in the marketplace for consumers and for our customers," said Cervera.  "This project proves that innovation and efficiency can work together to grow markets."

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