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Heinz Top Down Ketchup Range

Heinz extends Top Down Ketchup range with GCS Zeller


(Paris, France - 15/08/2005) Heinz has launched a new larger size of its Top Down Ketchup bottle with a 63mm ZelValve non-drip dispensing closure with peelable induction heat seal (IHS) liner from GCS Zeller.


Whilst similar to the existing 55mm cap supplied to Heinz for the smaller Top Down Ketchup bottles, the 63mm cap has been designed specifically for the new bottles to maximize the performance of the valve. A vital part of the project has been Zeller’s development of an entirely new valve sub-assembly (VSA) to meet the increasing market demand for large volume products. This sub-assembly is used in the 55mm and 63mm closures, both of which are embossed with the ‘Heinz 57 varieties’legend.


Several new applications for VSA development will be announced in the coming months.


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