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With over 200 standard references, GCS provides a wide range of closure solutions for speciality and mass market food packaging applications. Whether you are looking for convenience, enhanced product dispensing, ease of use, or all three, we are confident you will find something that will meet your requirements.

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GCS is a leading supplier of dispensing closures and lined and unlined screw closures for the food market.

GCS is well known for its expertise on integrated valve closures that offers controlled product dispensing for enhanced convenience, including the recent introduction of closures designed to dispense products with particulates and thicker products, such as honey, more easily. Our technical experts can recommend the right closure / valve combination for your product needs and we can also provide advice regarding bottle design to ensure the dispensing experience is optimised.

In addition GCS offers non-valve dispensing closures with flow restrictors – ideal for vinegar, dressings and edible oil – including one design which offers a variable flow using an innovative adjustable insert. Our portfolio is also composed of a vast range of snap-hinge screw-on and push-on closures, with many different neck finishes, orifice diameters and orifice shapes, suitable for various food applications, such as dressings, condiments, sauces, spreads and conserves.

GCS is the European leader for Induction Heat Sealed Wide Mouth closures for dry beverage applications, such as granulated coffee, and other freeze dried products. Its extensive expertise in the coffee market has also enabled GCS to become one of the leading manufacturers of capsules for coffee and tea dispensing machines.




As consumers we constantly demand new flavours and products to satisfy our appetite. Our customers are working hard to constantly update their products and give the next new experience.

The demand for new innovative packaging for these products has taken a leap in the last few years as the food market pushes to replace more traditional materials with lighter and more consumer convenient packaging.

There is also a move towards fresher products without preservatives, where the packaging really has to protect the product. This combined with the consumer desire to access the product in new convenient ways result in the closure systems we innovate for this market, having the highest technical requirements.


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