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New Closure from Obrist Gives Classic Look to Bottled Carbonated Beverages

(Paris, France - 02/04/2007) Developing new products that improve the cost effectiveness and enhance the performance of all products and processes is crucial to ensure continuing market leadership.  GCS’ teams of engineers are constantly developing new technologies and improving upon the companies’ established and trusted portfolio of products.

Drawing from its global resources for innovation, Obrist has introduced the Plastic Twist Off Crown (PTOC closure) into the U.S non-alcoholic, carbonated beverage sector.  The new, short closure is ideal for single serve bottles up to 24 ounces (600ml), which accounts for 70-80 percent of all carbonated beverage bottles in the U.S. market.

The PTOC closure is designed with less material which provides significant environmental benefits based on the new weight of 2.1 grams or 0.7 grams less per closure than the current 28mm PCO closure.  In addition to the environmental aspect, the PTOC closure drives significant economic benefits from the light weighting of the closure and the corresponding light weighting of the PET bottle finish.  Both closure and bottle finish are part of Obrist’s portfolio of patented technology.

Obrist has brought this PTOC closure and bottle innovation to a major beverage company in the U.S.  In partnership with that company, Obrist has designed and developed a proprietary closure which has a similar pattern to the original, lower profile steel crown.  The new custom PET package design is nostalgic of the original CSD glass bottle which incorporated the low profile look.

“By reducing the material, the new closure not only provides brand owners with an environmentally friendly package, but also results in significant economic benefits,” said Patrick Nash, Vice President, Sales - Beverage Plastics USA.  Additionally, with the new closure and bottle design reminiscent of the original glass bottle, the packaging creates a positive experience with the product for the consumer.  At the end of the day, for brand owners, this means more product sales.”

The initial phase of the project is underway with the successful conversion of 6 bottling plants over the past 12 months.  During this time, both partners have made sizable investments to convert to this new closure and bottle.  Obrist has retooled moulds in order to satisfy the large volume of PTOC closures needed.  The customer has also invested in the necessary changes to their bottling lines to accommodate the shorter finish as well as new bottle moulds featuring the PTOC finish.  Even with the significant capital investment, the customer is very happy with the projected return on that investment. The success of this project has relied heavily on the firm commitment and partnership developed between Obrist and its customer.

Moving forward, Obrist’s customer plans to convert all their US and Canadian bottling plants to the PTOC closure and bottle in the near future.

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