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New Lightweight Beverage Closure

GCS and ISBT Leading the Way for Future Standard for Beverages

02/04/2007 - New lightweight closure offers serious reductions in cost and waste

GCS and other industry leaders met to discuss developing a finish with less material for cost savings at the International Society of Beverages Technology in November 2006.  Together, they determined the “future standard” for beverages: the PCO 1881.  The new lightweight finish is expected to replace the original PCO 1810 standard finish for beverages. Obrist will be one of the first companies to launch the new closure standard during Q2 of this year.

The introduction of the PCO 1881 28mm closure reconfirms the company’s capabilities as an innovative industry leader.  To design a user-friendly closure using minimal material while meeting all beverage market requirements, presents several challenges for closure manufacturers.  There is a fine line between how thin a closure can be before it is no longer functional.

“The new finish achieves a weight of 1.3 grams less than the PCO 1810.  We knew this project required advanced technology to ensure the corresponding closure worked properly,” said Mauro Signorini, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Beverage Plastics.  “Given our industry experience, we were confident in our abilities to meet this challenge.”

GCS’ Obrist division has successfully developed their version of the PCO 1881 lightweight closure.  A single-piece or two-piece option of the new closure will be available to end users.  Eventually, the company plans to introduce an entire range for all beverage market requirements.

“We believe the industry is pushing for the lightweight closure to become the new industry standard for beverages,” said Signorini.  “Today’s consumer is more aware of packaging waste and the effects on the environment.  While cutting materials benefits the brand owners by reducing costs, the customer will ultimately benefit from a package using less material.”

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