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New 38mm Beverage Cap

Obrist’s New 38mm Closure Keeps Natural Beverages Fresh

02/04/2007 - The demand for flavoured water, juices and other noncarbonated beverages, continues to rise as more consumers look to incorporate healthy options into their diet. Such beverages are often in bottles with a wider neck, as they are easier for consumers to drink from and also enable brand owners to fill the product at higher speeds.

The Obrist division of GCS has recently introduced the 38mm single piece closure for the beverage industry. Produced with HDPE resins, the new lightweight closure is an extension of the brand’s standard closure range.

“The challenge was to design a functional cap using clever geometry that could provide a secure closure and meet the sterilization requirements of the filler,” said Mauro Signorini, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Beverage Plastics. “Our team of innovative engineers were able to create the closure so that it is consumer friendly, easy-to-open and aseptic.”

As natural and non-carbonated beverages continue to grow in popularity, brand owners need packaging that coincides. To eliminate product contamination, aseptic filling processes are increasingly important to brand owners. While traditional in design, the 38mm closure is the first and only of its kind as it is produced without the use of unwanted agents and additives. The new closure has been specifically developed to be compatible with aseptic filling lines.

While primarily used for non-carbonated beverages, GCS is also currently supplying the 38mm closure to new markets as two versions: one with moulded bridges tamper evident bands and one with a slit band to meet the highest requirement for safety of the carbonated soft drink industry.

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