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Dispensing Closure Fulfils Lightweight Packaging Initiative

ZP Mexico SportGuard® 28 mm 1873 Valve Dispensing Closure
Fulfils Lightweight Packaging Initiative

Global Closure Systems (GCS) R & D and Zeller Plastik, Mexico has extended the SportGuard® liner-less sports cap range with the development of a lightweight 28mm 1873 short finish version for a leading brand of bottled water in the Mexican beverage market. Zeller Plastik Mexico’s 28mm SportGuard® development has tailored the lightweight closure to suit the most demanding product needs in terms of functionality, efficiency, performance and safety to provide a state-of-the-art three part closure solution. The BSDA Choke Hazard compliant flip-top outer closure and separate drinking spout are both manufactured in HDPE for enhanced organoleptic properties with the double security of an anti-sabotage tamper evident band to the neck finish and a robust tamper evident tear-off band to the flip-top. The drinking spout houses the silicone valve sub-assembly (developed and supplied by UK sister company, UCP) and with the flip-top opening to 180 degrees the closure provides the most hygienic, pleasant and controllable drinking facility of all sports caps. 28mm SportGuard® comfortably withstands the nitrogen positive pressure used in the filling process and hermetically seals the bottle without the use of induction heat seal liners, improving consumer convenience with quick access to the drink. Jorge Loza, Business Development Manager for Zeller Plastik, Mexico comments: “The 28mm SportGuard® closure development realizes a better packaging system with outstanding safety and performance capabilities fulfilling the ideals of the GCS Cap Green Sustainability Program to reduce the impact of our products on the environment.”

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