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Abbey Well takes challenger sports cap from UCP

In a move away from push-pull closures, Abbey Well is re-launching a number of its products with the new 28mm PCO Challenger flip-top sports closure from Astra Plastique, supplied in the UK by United Closures and Plastics of Norwich.


Now available to suit both 28mm PCO and 30/25 PET neck finishes, the Challenger range covers the needs of the volume beverage market. The two-piece hinged sports cap has a tamper evident drop band at the base of the closure and a tear-off strip on the flip-top for optimal product integrity. Easily opened via the large thumb recess, the flip-top is held on a strong but flexible hinge at 180 degrees to the closure body making it easier and more comfortable to drink from as well as safer for children, with no separate parts to cause a choking hazard. The drinking spout is manufactured in organoleptic HDPE and the rate of flow is controlled by an integrally moulded anti splash plug for an altogether more pleasant drinking experience.


David Charlesworth, Technical Quality Manager for Abbey Well commented, “ As one of the first available flip-top sports caps for 28mm PCO finishes on the market, and we feel, the best, we like the design and neat appearance of the Challenger cap. We know from research that consumers appreciate its positive re-closing action confirmed by the audible click and not least, UCP have provided excellent technical support to ensure that the transition from our old cap ran smoothly”.


The two-piece design, with the base manufactured in HDPE, also offers colour- contrasting opportunities. Abbey Well chose a white drinking spout with the base caps in yellow for Abbey Well Fruits and blue for Abbey Well Natural Mineral Water to give added product differentiation.

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