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GCS offers a comprehensive range of closures suitable for the beverage industry. Our cutting edge closures meet and exceed consumer expectations for convenience, ease of use, safety, quality and cost. With a standard range of more than 150 closures to choose from, we are sure you will find something suitable for your brand.


GCS has a long history in the Beverage market. More than 30 years ago, GCS introduced the first plastic beverage closure for the mineral water market. Today, GCS is leading supplier of screw-on, tamper-evident plastic closures for carbonated and non-carbonated beverages to both global and local brands.

From screw caps to innovative sports caps (with and without valves), GCS serves the beverage industry, in one way or another, and supplies major brand owners.

GCS offer a wide range of both custom and 'off-the-shelf' flip-top, screw and push-pull sports closures to satisfy the ever demanding 'on-the-go' lifestyle of drinks consumers worldwide. GCS constantly develops innovative sports closure solutions for various Beverage applications, such as juices, mineral waters, sport drinks, etc.





GCS is a global leader in the design and manufacture of closures for the beverage market.  Our products range from the highly technically demanding single piece and two piece carbonated soft drink (CSD) closures for the new 1881 neck finish and highest quality closures for the water market, through to a wide offer of multi-component push-pull and flip-top sports closures (with and without a valve).

We have combined innovation in material technology, manufacturing process and advancements in our tool designs to enable us to develop and manufacture one of the lightest 1881 CSD closures on the market, while still gaining the toughest technical approvals.  

Our range of sports closure have been developed with a range of innovative features including best in class ‘intuitive’ tamper evidence, BSDA safety approval, non-spill flow control and hot fill compatibility to enhance consumer drinking experience whilst offering unique aesthetics.

We continue to research customer and consumer needs so we can remain at the leading edge of this exciting and continually demanding market.



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