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Global Closure Systems’ trigger pump plays a vital role in this success

November 08, 2013– The Frosch Shower and Bath Cleaner from Werner & Mertz has received the Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold Award. Werner & Mertz is the first European company to achieve this Award for a cleaning product. Reinhard Schneider, the company’s CEO, said “Nowadays it is technically possible to develop highly effective products - in our case that means strong cleaning products - that also meet the highest environmental standards along the entire value chain”.


The Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold Award is awarded by an independent non-profit institution called the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. Each product is assessed according to the materials used, their recyclability, use of energy and water and the social impact both for the packaging of the product as well as for the product itself. All the components of the Werner & Mertz Shower and Bath Cleaner are either fully biodegradable or can be reused. This cleaning product is sold in Germany under the brand Frosch and is also available in other European countries under the brands “Rainett” and “Froggy”.


Global Closure Systems is proud to be part of Werner & Mertz’ success with the use of its high quality All Plastic Trigger Pump (APTP). Since Global Closure Systems launched the world’s first APTP on to the market in 1997, the modular trigger sprayer system has been recognized for its high quality and good compatibility with a broad range of cleaning agents. Over the years GCS’ APTP trigger design has been optimized to achieve a minimal weight and the ergonomics of its modern shroud has been enhanced for an easier and more comfortable handling. The trigger pump is truly recyclable and different design options provide aesthetic flexibility on the shelf. “Made in Germany” stands for low carbon footprint and excellent sustainability which both are strong values for GCS customers across Europe.

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