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UCP's Non Refillable Fitments

Mey ensures brand protection through non-refillable fitment from UCP

01/03/2006 - Mey is a UCP customer in Turkey that has taken a pro-active approach to brand protection challenges using valve technology. 

As is the case in many emerging markets, Mey is a recently privatized company facing stiff competition from new, fresh brands introduced to a market place eager for new and premium products. Mey wanted to protect the integrity of its product and assure customer satisfaction by preventing counterfeiting.

To meet these challenges, Mey has implemented UCP’s non-refillable fitment on one of its premium brands, Tekirdag. This offers the company a multiple solution. First, the valve allows Mey to compete as a premium product with modern, fresh packaging. Second, Mey is offering convenience to its customers with a ready-to-pour product. Perhaps most importantly however, Mey is protecting the quality perception of its brand.

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