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Packaging Becomes the Product

Unique package design ‘O’Cedar Floor Polish’ from Reckitt Benckiser redefines packaging convenience

09/07/2007 - Reckitt Benckiser is a leading consumer goods company serving markets all over the world with an array of household, health & beauty, and food products. Consumers have long and trusting relationships with Reckitt Benckiser household brands such as Lysol, Harpic, Easy Off, and O’Cedar. In fact the company ranks as no. 1 in surface care products worldwide.

In order to maintain its leading position and to keep these brands fresh in the marketplace, the company leverages the power of packaging to offer consumers new perspectives on its products while maintaining the integrity of brands that consumers have used for years, or even decades.

The company recently launched new packaging for its O’Cedar brand of fl oor polish in France. Reckitt Benckiser went beyond usual packaging design alterations and completely rethought the consumer’s relationship with O’Cedar fl oor polish. By melding packaging and product functionality in a triangular bottle that can be used as a floor mop, Reckitt Benckiser is offering greater convenience to consumers and is redefi ning how floor polish is purchased and used by consumers.

The team at Reckitt Benckiser worked with Zeller Plastik Germany and Zeller Plastik Poland to create a triangular plastic bottle containing the product during transportation and at point of sale. When the consumer uses the product at home, the bottle, which also features an integrated valve and sponge foam, can be fastened to a standard broom handle and used as a fl oor mop. Reckitt Benckiser is marketing the product as O’Cedar Cireuse Express.

By offering consumers this new way of using O’Cedar, Reckitt Benckiser are extending the brand experience to all aspects of how it is used around the house as it offers greater convenience but it also builds a stronger relationship with consumers.

The package answers a combination of trends in the marketplace. Consumers are increasingly looking for greater convenience, cleanliness, and disposability as well as ways to simplify household storage.

The O’Cedar Cireuse Express all-in-one package is able to answer this combination of needs by containing and controlling the product during use and minimizing contact with consumers’ hands. It also reduces storage for sponge mops and cloths and enhances product results by ensuring that the applicator is always fresh.

The success of the new O’Cedar packaging depended on several design elements working in harmony as consumers use the product. An all-in-one floor-polishing package needed to fit in corners and be easy for consumers to maneuver. At the same time, the package had to be durable over the course of many uses.

Reckitt Benckiser had to enter the mind of the consumer and see how they could not only substitute the mop or cloth, but improve on it. With the O’Cedar package, Reckitt Benckiser found they could answer consumer needs previously outside their reach – needs such as, more even dispensing of the product, having a fresh way to apply the product, protecting walls and furniture, and liminating the need for excess mops and rags. The development team used a holistic approach to the packaging design, looking at the challenges consumers faced and answering many of them in an all-in-one package design. Relying on its strong partnership with Zeller and GCS, Reckitt Benckiser was able to redefi ne the usual requirements of packaging.

“Working with Reckitt Benckiser on this project extended our own thinking about what packaging was and how consumers would interact with the product,” said Margret Koehn, Key Account Director for Reckitt Benckiser. “Traditional packaging takes into account the transportation of the product, point of sale, and how consumers open, pour, and close a product. With O’Cedar, we had to throw away the ‘open – pour – close’ model and enter the design process with fresh eyes.”

The O’Cedar floor polish product has been a success in France. The package design is also a preview of a growing trend of packaging that becomes the product. For Reckitt Benckiser it is one more way the company can keep existing brands fresh in the minds of consumers.

Constant innovation is key to the success of Reckitt Benckiser’s brands worldwide. The leading consumer goods company continues to work with partners like GCS to bring together packaging and product innovation so that they work in tandem. This enables Reckitt Benckiser to truly differentiate its products on the marketplace bringing value to consumers by answering their need for greater convenience.

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