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Growing Markets for Household Goods in Asia

SC Johnson works with GCS to win share as markets grow by as much as 30%

09/07/2007 - The market for household products in Asia is booming. Fuelled by population growth plus a burgeoning middle class, products for home care are seeing double-digit growth. Zeller Plastik is serving the region from a number of locations and is working with customers to serve rapidly growing markets in the region. SC Johnson is one Zeller customer that is winning more share in household products through greater innovation.

SC Johnson has worked with Zeller on two of its aerosol brands, Raid for the Chinese & Korean markets and Pledge Leather & Wood Care for the Chinese market. Designing a cap that was durable, easy-to-use, and safe for customers was the challenge. Of course, accomplishing that combination cost effectively was also a goal.

Zeller has produced a one-piece aerosol cap for Raid. Special selection of the material grade was necessary to ensure the product doesn’t crack during transportation and also to prevent the plastic from breaking on impact or deforming when exposed to high heat. The cap also features reinforced ribs further strengthening the integrity of the cap. This is important as many of the products face long truck shipments after leaving the plant. This cap is helping SC Johnson take full advantage of the growing market for bug sprays in the region. The population is moving away from powders and incense and bug spray sales are seeing increases at a rate of 30% per year.

“Durability during transportation is important to our customers,” said Aaron Goh, General Manager, Zeller Plastik, China. “As China’s economy grows, so does its road network. Our cap will face many extremes before it reaches the fi nal consumer and it is essential that our product can withstand this.”

This one-piece design of the Raid cap also helps SC Johnson simplify its assembly process. But the process for making a one-piece aerosol cap is anything but simple. Zeller created a complex mould design which forms a very narrow spray channel (<1mm) at a 90-degree angle. This cost-effective solution is important for keeping a powerful yet controlled spray that stays out of contact with consumers as they use the product.”

For SC Johnson Pledge Leather & Wood Care, Zeller employed a different type of design using 2-piece assembly. For this cap, Zeller produced a hollow cap that easily fi ts the assembly piece and spray nozzle.”

“These two applications represent a good example of our working partnership with SC Johnson,” said Goh. “Combining our knowledge of technology with the customer’s product and geographic needs, allows us to build business based on a growing trend.”

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