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Global Closure Systems expansion in Asia

September 3rd , 2013 – Global Closure Systems has now completed yet another plant expansion in the Philippines. With its Zeller Plastik Philippines manufacturing site which was founded in 1991, GCS was one of the first closure manufacturers to set up operations in the country. Today Global Closure Systems is a market leader in the plastic closures and dispensing systems sector in the Philippines.

The expansion was initiated to enable GCS to manufacture complex packaging assemblies for a global key player with leading market shares in the Asian personal care market.

The construction is now complete with over 2,500 square meters added by the conversion of an existing building and the installation of a new production area.

The production capacity has been increased by over 20% with new assembly and injection mould machines in operation.

This expansion, which allows Global Closure Systems to meet the end-market’s rising demand in Asia, represents the initial phase of a major expansion program carried out by GCS in the region.

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