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GCS Launches Sustainability Program CAP GREEN

Global Closure Systems (GCS), a leading global supplier of dispensing and delivery systems, has launched its corporate sustainability program, Project Cap Green. Cap Green is spearheaded by GCS’ former CEO and now Non-Executive Chairman, Chris Harrison. He leads a steering committee in developing action plans to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and progress towards sustainability.


Over the next two years, GCS will be measuring its Greenhouse Gas Emissions progressively across all its 25 plants and implementing pilot projects that focus on waste reduction, energy saving, alternative materials, light-weighting and recycling. This is done by identifying emission output for each plant and any individual closure using a proprietary calculation system, and by using computer simulation software to ensure customers are offered the lightest closure weight possible.


In addition, GCS will be exploring practical options for using renewable energy sources, working with partners to identify areas of high energy intensity within the organization, and increasing the rate of recycling by using reground material in-house.


“We have achieved remarkable success over the years in reducing our carbon footprint and increasing our sustainability,” said Chris Harrison. “As a pioneer in the packaging industry, it is important for us to set the industry benchmark by continuing to develop effective policies like Cap Green that will help make GCS a greener company.”


In the last decade, GCS has been successful in reducing consumption of non-sustainable resources through lightweighting products, improving energy utilization, minimizing secondary packaging, maximizing transport efficiency and reducing waste.


GCS has already made many modifications to its standard product range in line with its Cap Green objectives. For example, GCS has significantly reduced the weight of their 30/25 mineral water cap from 3.1 grams in 1995 to 2.3 grams now, with improved closure performance. The company also introduced a lightweight tube closure range, Synergy, which weighs 1.5 grams less with the removal of ribs and thinning of side walls.


“Moving towards sustainability, and reducing the impact of our products and processes on the environment, are key objectives for GCS worldwide,” said Jerry O’Brien, Global EHS Director of GCS. “Throughout the world we are engaging in actions to achieve these objectives, working with our customers and suppliers. We believe pro-active efforts in this arena will enhance the performance and corporate responsibility of all involved.”    

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